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The Challenge

Families! You're invited to join our Children, Superheroes, and Immobilizing Villains on a fun weekly journey that will change how the whole family views food forever. 

The Mission


Via daily food dares, weekly food experiments, recipe contests, and plenty of camaraderies, Kids Food Fight delivers simple daily nutritional takeaways

for parents and children alike.

The Vision

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.05.09 PM.png

Kids Food Fight is dedicated to helping children and families make better nutritional choices.

Today, where so many options are available in all corners of the world, childhood obesity disease is at an all-time high.

 Kids Food Fight is helping children worldwide understand food choices and make one great choice at a time!  

Here is what one of our team of KFF champions

has to say!

Nicole Berschback, dietitian and author of Total Potential


"As a dietitian, I've always been conscious of my children's food choices and engaged in family meals, cooking, and food play. The real advantage to the Kids Food Fight was that it put my kids in charge, not me. They loved trying new foods to earn game points and to try to win BINGO. We laughed and wondered during food experiments. They learned about the building blocks of nutrition in age-appropriate and fun ways. Since doing the program, we have regularly included many new fruits and veggies into our diet. The program was a big win for our family!"





Don’t wait!  Let us help you and your children

make better choices today! 

The sooner you join, the sooner you, too,

will hear your child say,

“That donut is NOT Kids Food Fight Approved!”

~ Future 4-week Kids Food Fights ~ 

starts October 6, 2024

Private Team challenges available. Ten or more families required.


Lead your own tribe! Opportunities available upon request.

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