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Introducing Kids Food Fight,

the fun  and easy 28-day food game.

Educate and empower your kids to

make healthier food choices every day.










Here's what's included:

  • 4 weeks of small, daily food challenges, focusing on one meal per week: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts

  • Once/week, brief group zoom calls to introduce nutrition ideas and share wins

  • The Kids Food Fight private social network to engage with your fellow Kids Food Fighters

  • Fascinating weekly food experiments

  • Recipe contests with prizes for the winners

  • A Rare Fruit & Veggie BINGO card

  • Your kids get to follow alongside the compelling story of our kids, Fendi and Giro, as they navigate sneaky Junk Food Immobilizers with the help of our fierce Healthy Heroes!






PLUS: Refer a friend for $20 off! It's more fun with friends, especially if they are local.

Help each other earn game points and try new foods!






What parents are saying:

  • "My children are enjoying KFF. So far, the thing I'm noticing most is that the program is empowering my kids. I'm not in charge, I'm not asking them to try new things, etc. They are deciding and feeling good about their decisions.”

  • "My son also liked the parent part of the meetings as I noticed that he really listened in on that perhaps even more that the other."

  • "I thought it was great! Lots of useful info and materials for both kids and adults. Great job!”

  • "I’m excited for my kid to have a basic understanding of what are carbs, proteins, and fats, and how to eat them together in a balanced way. Like what's what, and how much of each.”

  • "It was totally manageable! I spent under 2 hours a week and my daughter really got involved."


What kids are saying:

  • "I got 24 points in the third week, 71 points in all! I just need to get 13 more points!"

  • "It was amazing. I liked the stories. I think we should have meetings every day."

  • "I think this was really great. I think every time we get a superhero, we should have to eat that food with our meals."


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Earn Tribe Badges for Participation and Points!

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