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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is this game? 
    It is one year long. You and your child earn weekly points by sharing posts of you making small, easy food and movement choices.

  2. Can anyone play this game? 
    Yes, with the help of a parent, older sibling, or loved one any child can play this game. 

  3. How much time will I spend with this game each week?
    You could spend anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes playing throughout each week.

  4. Can my child play this game alone? 
    We do not recommend this. This game is played on our online game platform. Your help is needed to set your child up in the game and monitor their participation. We encourage the whole family to play as well!! 

  5. Are there specific foods my child will eat or not eat? 
    No, you and your child will make your own food choices throughout the game. 

  6. Do I need to play this game?
    We hope you will!  We encourage you and the rest of the family to join and support your child. Be that healthy role model, and stoke some friendly family competition.

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