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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is this challenge?   It is 4 weeks long, and your child can expect daily challenges to perform. They will be rewarded with a point structure and game board advancement each day.

  2. Can anyone do this challenge?   Yes, with the help of a caregiver any child can do this challenge.

  3. How much time will I spend with this program each week?   Most people report spending 1 to 2 hours a week helping out their kids with this program.

  4. Can my child do this program alone?   We do not recommend this. This program is housed through an online course and your help will be needed to set your child up with the program and help them shop for food once a week.

  5. Are there specific foods my child will eat or not eat?   No, your child will make their own food choices throughout the challenge.

  6. Do I need to participate in this challenge?   Only by helping your child. We encourage you and the rest of the family to join and support your child. There is a weekly meeting that has a 30 minute parents session. You can watch this live or view on replay if you cannot make the calls.

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