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Our Dedicated Team

Melanie Sliwka

Nutritionist, Author,

President & Co-Founder of KFF

Whether you’re looking for greater health, help with chronic disease management, performance fueling, or sustainable life changes, I have programs and experience to help you achieve success. I have worked for over 13 years with Spec Ops, Navy SEALs, elite athletes, and those in need of permanent change. It is not easy, but it is always worth it!
As I began to work with clients in need of nutritional reform, I found a plethora of hard-to-follow programs that were almost never successful in the long term. From years of experience, I created a 6-week challenge that has changed the lives, health, and way that thousands of people relate to food and fueling. I published 6 Weeks To Cleaner Eating as a guide to this challenge and have been able to affect people from all over the world through this program.
After my concerted effort to help adults reform old eating habits, I began to work with children through Carlsbad CA elementary and middle schools to bring nutritional and fitness coaching. This set me on my path to a 4-week children’s nutritional challenge and my second book based on children’s nutrition. Welcome to Kids Food Fight! I completed my Masters studies in Functional Medicine and Nutrition from The University of The Western States and am a practicing FM clinician
As a long-time team member and employee of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind INC. I am also a licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach and SEALFIT Trainer. This training gives me the unique ability to help my clients dig deeply into mental, physical, and emotional resilience in order to overcome old habits, patterns, and obstacles.
I have tried and tested hundreds of fueling ideas to support my own fitness through pregnancy (twice), as the 12th woman to successfully complete the civilian version of the Navy SEAL hell week - KOKORO, as the 2020 world record holder of team burpees in 24 hours, the grand canyon Rim to Rim to Rim race, 2019 first-place San Diego Team Ragnar winners, and as a world-traveling former competitive surfer.
It is my purpose and my stand in life to create great health and happiness in the world.

Kate E. Loftus

Master Wellness Facilitator,

CEO & Co- Founder of KFF

Kate has been practicing wellness for decades. First, as a professional massage therapist, she got to know how stress and injury affect the body and how to heal. She studied economics and Spanish in college and worked for a couple of start ups in the Silicon Valley before taking time off to have her darling daughter. Then, after suffering the painful loss of her father and some dear friends, Kate entered the fields of mental and emotional wellness, eventually becoming both an Unbeatable Mind coach and an Advanced Level WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) group Facilitator. Now, Kate is thrilled to bring wellness to kids via Kids Food Fight, teaching them how to get excited about making smart food choices every day.

Beena Parikh

Digital Artist

Beena has enjoyed creating all kinds of digital art for many years. She is also a joyful mother and grandmother. Her intuitive talent brings forth the lively characters of Kids Food Fight. She enjoys using her creative super powers to illustrate her clients’ variety of ideas and communicate them in her highly entertaining personal style.

Check out Beena's other amazing work here.

April A. Garza

Operations and Marketing

April's experience covers many areas of the professional world. First, she managed high-volume, fast-paced retail stores. April studied Massage Therapy for three years and opened her own practice helping clients heal from stress, injury, and everyday aches and pains. After the birth of her son and working a crazy schedule for years, April accepted a Management position with a financial institution, which enabled her to spend more quality time with her family.  In 2019, she shifted her focus and Co-Founded a catering company where she consulted peers in planning and managing events. Now, April is happy to be a part of this exciting journey with Kids Food Fight and help kids and families make good choices about their health and wellness everyday.

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