What if your kids knew how and wanted to make healthier food choices on their own?

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Introducing Kids Food Fight, the super fun 28-day food game for families who want to educate and empower their kids to make healthier food choices every day.


Here's what's included:

  • 4 weeks of small, daily food challenges, focusing on one meal per week: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & desserts

  • Once/week, brief group zoom calls to introduce nutrition ideas and share wins

  • The Kids Food Fight private social network to engage with your fellow Kids Food Fighters

  • Fascinating weekly food experiments

  • Recipe contests with prizes for the winners

  • A Rare Fruit & Veggie BINGO card

  • Your kids get to follow alongside the compelling story of our kids, Fendi and Giro, as they navigate sneaky Junk Food Immobilizers with the help of our fierce Healthy Heroes!

Picture this: You and your kid just arrived at your THIRD children's birthday party of the week. 😳 Your kid jumps out of the car to find their friends as you greet the other parents and survey the party scene. Yup, same setup: big bowls of chips and candies, cookies, punch, sparkling waters, fruit and processed fruit snacks, cut-up veggies with ranch, chicken wings, dips, and pizza is on the way. Set up in the yard is a large bounce house with a basketball hoop inside.

After a few party games, the kids are looking a little wild-eyed when the host announces, "PIZZA!"

"Yay!" the kids all cheer and come running. A few minutes later, they're are all seated around the picnic tables with plates full of food, gobbling away. You grab a water and join the parents hanging out. 

Another parent notices that your kid is mowing through a pile of veggies with hummus, two chicken wings and strawberries and has only taken a bite of pizza. "Wow, look at you! Eating so well," the parent comments. "Not even a soda!" 

"I know there is cake later, and I need my energy now for that bounce house!" your kid replies, grinning. The other parent turns to you, looking impressed. 

"Kids Food Fight," you say with a smile, "made all the difference!"


PLUS: Refer a friend for $20 off! It's way more fun with friends, especially if they are local. You can help each other earn game points and try new foods!


What parents are saying:

  • "My children are enjoying KFF. So far, the thing I'm noticing most is that the program is empowering my kids. I'm not in charge, I'm not asking them to try new things, etc. They are deciding and feeling good about their decisions.”

  • "My son also liked the parent part of the meetings as I noticed that he really listened in on that perhaps even more that the other."

  • "I thought it was great! Lots of useful info and materials for both kids and adults. Great job!”

  • "I’m excited for my kid to have a basic understanding of what are carbs, proteins, and fats, and how to eat them together in a balanced way. Like what's what, and how much of each.”

  • "It was totally manageable! I spent under 2 hours a week and my daughter really got involved."


What kids are saying:

  • "I got 24 points in the third week, 71 points in all! I just need to get 13 more points!"

  • "It was amazing. I liked the stories. I think we should have meetings every day."

  • "I think this was really great. I think every time we get a superhero, we should have to eat that food with our meals."


Comes with our no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee


If you don't LOVE Kids Food Fight, we insist that you get 100% of your money back. Here's why.

We invite you to play the game with your kids. Spend an hour a week for four weeks and watch your kids engage with food on a new level. We're confident you’ll be impressed.

Melanie is the author of 6 Weeks to Cleaner Eating which has sold to thousands worldwide. Over the past 12 years, her nutritional work has served men, women, children, elite athletes, and Navy SEALs!  Kate has spent decades mastering wellness by practicing massage therapy and as a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)® Advanced Level Facilitator. No one else could have designed this game better than us two educated and dedicated moms!


This 28-day food game isn’t just about kids eating more vegetables. It’s about teaching them how to recognize the nutritional value of different foods and how those foods make their bodies feel every day. The game and the characters move kids to take action. It’s about positive behavioral change -- our life's work. And if Kids Food Fight can help your kids choose jicama over potato chips...or inspire them to make their own healthy snacks...or even get them to turn down a refill of soda...we consider it a job well done.

So here’s our simple offer: If you don't LOVE Kids Food Fight, we insist that you get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Join the Fight and see for yourself.

BONUS: a 30 min Nutritionist consult ($100 value)!

BONUS: a 30 min Nutritionist consult ($100 value)!