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Join us for a FUN 7-day food party & get a TASTE 😋 of the Nutrition Education Kids Food Fight offers! 


Kids Food Fight!

Summer 2023 Tribe

What if your kids knew how and wanted to make healthier food choices on their own? 

Online Event


4 Nutrition Lessons, Challenges and Experiments for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Desserts.  

In just 4 Weeks, your kids will:


Learn to recognize the
macronutrients: Proteins, 
Fats, and Carbs


Experiment trying new fruits and veggies


Create their own balanced meal recipes 


Have more energy and concentration for school and sports 

Did you know:



According to the CDC: About 1 in 5 American children suffer from obesity? 



Excess sugar that kids consume can cause early-onset diabetes?



Poor protein consumption in kids diets can decrease the growth process? 



Consuming a diet low in nutrients can cause poor mental performance?


It is time to do something

Are you tired of:



Thinking about what can be a healthy food for your kids 



Seeing your kids prefer high sugar snacks than fruits 



Spending time and energy cooking and your kids don't like it 



Worrying about health and wellness of your kids because they are not eating healthy 

We understand.


Melanie Sliwka

Nutritionist and Author

I have years of experience in Adult and Child Nutrition. I completed my Master's studies in Functional Medicine and Nutrition from The University of The Western States and am a practicing FM clinician. I am also a licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach and SEALFIT Trainer. It is my purpose and my stand in life to create great health and happiness in the world. 

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Kate E. Loftus

CCO & Wellness Coach

I have been practicing wellness for decades. I studied economics and Spanish in college. I entered the fields of mental and emotional wellness, eventually becoming both an Unbeatable Mind coach and an Advanced Level WRAP® group Facilitator. Now, I am thrilled to bring wellness to kids via Kids Food Fight, teaching them how to get excited about making smart food choices every day.

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What People Say About

"It was totally manageable! I spent under 2 hours a week and my daughter really got involved."

"I’m excited for my kid to have a basic understanding of what are carbs, proteins, and fats, and how to eat them together in a balanced way. Like what's what, and how much of each.” 

"I thought it was great! Lots of useful info and materials for both kids and adults. Great job!” 


What Kids Are Saying

"I got 24 points in the third week, 71 points in all! I just need to get 13 more points!"

"It was amazing. I liked the stories. I think we should have meetings every day." 

"I think this was really great. I think every time we get a superhero, we should have to eat that food with our meals."



Let them pick out their choice of one fruit and one veggie each time you shop. 


Dare them as an act of courage to try a new food. 


Feed them their favorite veggies when they are hungry! 


Encourage your kids to use their favorite seasonings on proteins and veggies.


Ask your child on the way to school what kids of protein/meat they would like for dinner. 


Eat fruits and veggies yourself.  



"My child constantly reaches for junk food and sugary snacks. I struggle to get them excited about healthy eating."


"I don't know how to help my child develop healthy habits"


 "I'm worried about my child's unhealthy eating habits"



"My child has learned about the benefits of different foods and how they fuel their body through the Kids Food Fight program. They have also developed a love for trying new healthy foods and have made healthier choices."


"The Kids Food Fight program has provided my child with the tools and education they need to develop healthy habits and make healthier choices."


"The Kids Food Fight program has helped my child understand the importance of healthy eating and has made positive changes in their diet and habits."

What you will get


Over 100 Nutritional Challenges (A few each day for 28 days) delivered in a daily email. 


Tips for Healthier Food Choices 


5 live Zoom Tribe meetings for nutritional support and education for you and your child.


Professional guidance during the whole process 


Food experiments for your child to Participate in! 


KFF Swag (water bottles, stickers, pencils) 


Access to our Private KFF Kids and Parents Community 


Certificates and Rewards for participation and


Recipes, Recipe Contests, and Options for Healthy Food 


Learn and have fun with other kids from all over
the world! 


Total Value: $1,000
Your Investment: $149

The Agenda

Pre-Game Prep Week

Week 0.png

Watch start up videos •

Introduce yourself to the community •

Print materials for game •

Navigate Mighty Networks site for •

Meeting link and information centers •

Week 2

Lunch Lore 

Tribe zoom call – Lunch • 

Parents Take Kids Food Shopping • 

Kids Prepare Their Recipe • 

Kids Eat a Balanced Meal • 

Food Experiment Week 2 • 

Kids Total and Post Their Week 2 Points • 

Week 4

Snack Attack 

Tribe zoom call – Snacks & Desserts•

Parents Take Kids Food Shopping •

Kids Prepare Their Recipe •

Kids Eat a Balanced Meal •

Food Experiment Week 4 •

Kids Total and Post Their Week 4 Points •

Week 1.png

Week 1

Breakfast Breakout

• Welcome to the Fight!
   Tribe zoom call- Live Kickoff  & Breakfast

• Parents Take Kids Food Shopping 

• Kids Prepare Their Recipe 

• Kids Eat a Balanced Meal 

• Food Experiment Week 1

• Kids Total and Post Their Week 1 Points 

Week 3

Dinner Winner

• Tribe zoom call – Dinner 

• Parents Take Kids Food Shopping 

• Kids Prepare Their Recipe 

• Kids Eat a Balanced Meal 

• Food Experiment Week 3 

• Kids Total and Post Their Week 3 Points 

Final Score! 

• Tribe zoom call - Final Celebration! 

• Add up Total Game Points 

• Certificates, Water Bottles, Stickers, Pencils to
   all Players!

• T-shirts to High Score Hero Hall of

   Fame Members 

• Survey To Parents 

• Post HCHHoF & Ambassadors Profiles Online 

Extras Included

KFF webinar access for the year 

Recipe winners featured in KFF cook book ( winter 2023) 
​KFF Highscore club and Ambassador opportunities! 

Money Back Promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this challenge? 

It is 4 weeks long. You and your child can expect daily challenges to perform. Players will be rewarded with a point structure and game board advancement each day. 

Can anyone do this challenge? 
Yes, with the help of a parent, older sibling or loved one any child can do this challenge. 

How much time will I spend with this program each week?

Most people report spending 1 to 2 hours a week helping out their kids with this program. 

Can my child do this program alone? 

We do not recommend this. This program is housed through an online course and your help will be needed to set your child up with the program and help them shop for food once a week. We recommend that a parent or guardian do the challenge as well!! 

Are there specific foods my child will eat or not eat? 

No, you and your child will make your own food choices throughout the challenge. 

Do I need to participate in this challenge?

We hope you will!  We encourage you and the rest of the family to join and support your child. There is a weekly meeting that has 30 minutes parents' session. You can watch this live or view on replay if you cannot make the calls 

Refer a friend for $20 off! It's way more fun with friends, especially if they are local. You can help each other earn game points and try new foods!  

Don’t wait any longer! 

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